Party Time!

Planning a Birthday Party? Team Building event? Or maybe even a Girls Night Out? How about something different?

Have your next event at The Cake Works! Our parties are fun, creative, exciting and most importantly, TASTE GOOD! We provide all the baking essentials to decorate and take home your creation for the following types of parties:

We provide all the baking essentials to decorate and take home your creation for the following types of parties:

Basic Cake Decorating

Guests receive a 7” layer cake baked and ready to fill and frost.  You can choose the type of cake, (chocolate, vanilla or confetti) and we supply the buttercream icing, filling, and decorations for them to create a fun cake to take home and share with their family.   Guests will learn to use a pastry bag and tip for their borders.

$50.00 per guest

Cupcake Decorating

Guests receive 12 baked cupcakes ready to fill and frost, as well as buttercream icing, filling and Ganache to help decorate their cupcakes to look amazing and taste delicious.  A container will be provided for guests to take home their creations to share. Guests will learn to use 2 different tips, a pastry bag and a filler tip.

$50.00 per guest

Cookie Decorating

Eight shaped cookies ready to decorate will be waiting for your guests.  You can pick out the theme for the cookies that we will bake for you (for example, spring, birthday, beach, etc.).   Learn to dip some in chocolate and decorate, and to use cookie icing to decorate using the flooding technique.  Julie will demonstrate how to do each step and everything you need will be provided.

$50.00 per guest

Cupcake Wars

This party has attendees working in teams where they will be using mixers, measuring ingredients, breaking eggs, preparing the batter, etc. While their cupcakes are baking they will clean up their tables and get ready to frost.  Buttercream icing can be colored and flavored, (vanilla and chocolate) sprinkles and decorations will be available to use as teams choose. Finished cupcakes will be placed on a display stand to be judged for best tasting, best decorating, best teamwork, etc.

$55.00 per guest

Nailed It!

Party organizer or guest of honor picks out a cake they want their guests to copy.  Email the picture to us and Julie will create a sample cake for the kids to copy. We will supply everything they need to do the cake and match the sample.  This party has very little instruction, it is up to the teams to figure out how and what to do. Some questions are allowed.

$65.00 per guest

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